Monza 8249 before accident

At the end of 1965, Enzo Ferrari call a meeting of the Scuderia Ferrari to start the building of a 275 GTB speciale competition officina [Works car] requested by the scuderia of Edoardo Spreafico of Milan,in order to make his friend Lorenzo Bandini race at 1000 km of Monza 1966.
The order arrive at Scaglietti A remarquable work will be done with a super light weigth for racing and the best technology available at the time for the unique purpose of Lorenzo Bandini (*) under the assembly numbers 337 and 342.
Finally , beginning 1966, Enzo Ferrari decided to make Lorenzo Bandini race the Dino 206 S #852 and the Scuderia Spreafico will have Giovanni Pessina and Piero Botalla race the 275 GTB #08249

The details of the complete report of the expertise made by I.S. (Institut des Soudures - Welding Institute - see files ) prove indiscutably that :
- the leightning of the superstructure has been done prior to assembly and not after
- it was originally built with a dry sump system
- the aluminium body has never been taken off the chassis or changed
- that all the power train is entirely original

Other competition particularities are evident :
- motor 250 LM competition, ribbed block with four attachment points
- transaxle with competition gears ratio
- structure ultra leight weight with dry sump support all painted originally with green primer only
- gear shift offset
- removable tunnel to access the clutch
- reduced passenger space for oil reservoir
- ultra thin aluminium body
- electric harness simplified
- door side exhaust and no mufflers
- rear screen and side windows thinner
- no bumpers or bumpers supports front or back
- dashboard simplified and black
- interior very spartan and no carpet
- no heating
- 4 wheels campagnolo 15"
- the car interior, engine bay, wheel wells ect. ... have never been painted
- competition seat
- the lack of exaust pipes and mufflers under the rear apron allowed the attachments for a quick lift jack.

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