The Monza 1966 1000 km with the 275 "Officina"

Chassis type 563, #8249
Motor type 213/comp, internal number 1052, dry sump
transaxle 9x32, internal 658
3 carburetors Weber

Original color : argento
Inside color : black leather
Original color of carpet : no carpet

Assembly / sequence : 337
Body aluminium
Body number : 342

Special equipment : chrome roll cage, head rest, special cushion seat for driver, leather seats, Lid on right front fender for dry sump reservoir. Never equipped with bumpers.

February  14th  1966 Date of original certificate.
March  13th    1966 Sold new by official agent Gastone Crepaldi S.A.S  of Milano,  ITALY, to the first owner Edoardo Spreafico. Edilpark Societa immobiliare S.P.A  9 via Fatebenefratelli,  Milano for Giovanni PESSINA, Milano,  ITALY,  for 5,750 000 lires.
March 13th  1966 registered license plate : "MI B 06847".
March 12/13th 1966 Driven by Giovanni PESSINA in Coppa Fiza  MONZA. Arrive first in GT class for more than 2000cc (14 participants in 5th race).
April 14th 1966 Work performed on suspension and motor tuning in the garage of Lorenzo BANDINI  5 via Sonivio Milano, ITALY.
April 25th 1966 Driven by Giovanni PESSINA and Piero BOTALLA In the 1.000 km at MONZA (trofeo Fillipo Caracciola) with race n°15 (**) Body damaged front and rear under the rain.  Qualified 37th , arrived 19th over all and 2nd in its class.
- (photo page 100 of Jess Pourret book "Ferrari 275 GTB- 275 GTS-275 GTB4A" published by Art Automobile Collection).
- (color photo page 33 of the book "1000km Di Monza- Trofeo Filippo Caracciolo", by Andrea Curami, Daniele Galbiati and Luca Ronchi).
- (photo page 16/18 official Ferrari year book 1966).

(**) See engine overheating during race at monza 1966
Click here to see the Monza racing times

May 8th 1966 Entered for the 50th Targa Florio circuito Piccolo in Sicilia for Giovanni PESSINA with Piero BOTALLA with race 62, but because of the damages suffered at Monza, will race a Porsche instead.
May 1966

for the 50 th targa florio 66 and the racing season 67 sent to the body shop maranello for repairs following the accident at monza and for the following modifications:
          - vents added to rear quarter panels
          - repositionning of front small lights

January 1967

Sent to Maranello for engine modifications for street and city driving with Milan license plate and 13 700km on tach.

January 20th 1967 Sold by Edoardo Spreafico, procurator of Edilpark S.P.A to the  2nd owner Mario De Lorenzi, born at Thiene october 5th 1930,  residing 33 via Bella Vitis in Vincenza, ITALY. Paid 1,000.000 liras.
February 23rd 1967 Re-registered with license plate in Vincenza  "VI 126013".
February 28th 1967 Sold by the 2nd owner De Lorenzi to the 3rd owner Guido Niccolai,  Born in Florence January 26th 1937, residing  167 via Impruneta Taramuzze  Impruneta- Florence, ITALY. Paid 1,900.000 liras.
March 1967 Sent to Maranello for tune-up
January 31st 1968 Re-registered with Florence plate : "FL 419677"
May 14th 1968 Sold by Niccolai to the fourth owner Robert Baschera, born  August 9th 1945 in Florence and residing Via 1 Marchi in Florence. Price paid 3,300.000 liras.
July 26th 1968

Sold by Bashera to the 5th owner Berta Brilli, born september 18th 1939, residing Via B. Castelli 13 in Firenze ITALY.

July 19th 1973

Exported to USA from Italy by Filipo Conti (husband of Berta Brilli) to Bill Nicholas Chief Judge of the State of California.

July, 16th 1976

Sold by Bill Nicholas to James Mc Roberts and Ronald B.Walden (lien holder) 7112 Alondra Blvd Paramount CA. All part of a circle of friends that included actors David Carradine,Steve Mc Queen,pilot Tony Adamowicz,mecanics Bruno Borri, Peter Lurilli, Luciano Fabio owners of the garage Modena Sportscar in Holywood. Start of the preparation for Daytona. Project abandonned.
Mc Roberts will buy with Bill Nicholas the famous 365 GTB/4 ex Nart of David Carradine that will finish 2nd overall and 1st in its class at Daytona in 1979 with Tony Adamowicz and Jim Morton; They placed a black stripe on the car in honor of their Team Manager Otto Zipper who died of a heart attack  during the night in his Motel room

November, 7th 1976

Registred to the Ferrari Owners Club official log. James Mc Roberts. Ferrari 275  number 08249.

January 16th 1980

Sold to Joseph Alphabet's Contemporary Classics (J.A.C.C.) Newport Beach, California, USA.

July 21st 1980 Sold by Joseph Alphabet to A.J and Derek Lees, residing in Birmingham,  England. Paid 40,000 US dollars disassembled with all original parts.
April 26th 2004 Sold at auction at Bonham’s R A F  museum in Hendon, England still disassembled with all original parts lot 641 for 150,000 english pounds price, total of 195,637.50 pounds with comission and taxes  to  J. H  Monte-Carlo.
© Marcel MASSINI 03/05/2005

2005 Actually with its owner  J. H  in  Monte-Carlo.
May 2007 Engaged on the race of Tanger (Maroc).
June, 5 2007 Body put back to specifications : Monza, 1966
June, 20 2007 TV report with Signor Eduardo SPREAFICO
October, 28 2007 GRAND  PRIX of  MALTE
Novembre, 04 2007 GRAND PRIX of TUNIS
June 21 and 22 2008 Grand Prix Historique of Marseille
June 24, 25 and 26 2011 #16 Vernasca Silver Flag.
June 26 2011 Mr Norman Clark give me the sheet factory assembly of the Ferrari #08249 (With Eduardo Spreafico).
It is mentioned on the cards that it is a special order.
13 Août 2011 Elegance car exhibition of Nice
1st prize for the conservation of historic racing cars

Completed by Signora Pessina, Milano, 11/2006
Eduardo SPREAFICO at his hotel of Sestri le Vante 15/04/2007


During the 1966 1000 km di Monza race, #08249 was hit badly by another car and lost precious minutes to try to fix it to keep racing, possibly costing Pessina and Botalla the first place in class. Pessina entered a complaint to the racing Federation against the other driver, and since the other car was also a 275 GTB the racing federation wrote the chassis number of each car in their report (*). Proof, Pessina was racing #08249 that day, and no other 275 GTB.

(*) Click here to see the accident report.

Lorenzo Bandini and Giovanni Pessina discussing the overheating of # 8249. Only solution is to open the nose with a pair of clippers liked it was done the year before on # 6885.

The picture of #8249 can be seen on page 100 in the book of jess g.Pourret " Ferrari 275 GTB,GTS " the nose has been cut just like the Ferrari 275 GTB # 6885 on page 99 and for the same reason:overheating because of to much power,even under the torrential rain during Monza 1966


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