275 GTB 08249 at Bonhams' sale in London

Tree years has been necessary to compile the history of the FERRARI 275 GTB #8249.

Before the sale on april 26th 2004 the only informations available were :
- it belonged to Giovanni PESSINA.
- it was assembled under #337.
- the body number was #342.

At the sale, one could see from the catalog and the car itself :
- a special dashboard
- the lid on front right fender for dry sump reservoir and support onto the chassis
- the superstructure ultra leight wheight easily seen since the car was dismantled but complete
- one of the element the most important was the motor 250 LM type 213/comp with ribbed block and four attachments points.
(Internal number correct and for the transaxle also)

Not in the catalog :
A few day before the sale and doing some research one could learn that this car had raced at MONZA in 1966 (with Giovanni PESSINA and Piero BOTALLA) and come to the conclusion that #8249 was the Speciale not identified and sold early 1966. (See site QV500 at this page : Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale).

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