Pessina and Botola on 275 GTB "Officina"

We have not been able to identify all the authors of some of the pictures appearing on our site. We ask them to forgive us for not citing their names,and to please, authorize us, to keep doing so if they recognize their work.
Thank you.

We want to specially thanks for their help the following :

- Edoardo Spreafico for his help on the historic of the car
- Our biggest thanks to Mrs. Pessina for the pictures and archives.
- Piero BOTALLA (co-driver of Giovani PESSINA at MONZA in 1966 with the #8249), for photos
- Franco GOZZI (Enzo FERRARI secretary), for general informations
- Jean-Michel RIPERT de SAINT MAURIN, press relations and historic
- Mauro FORGHIERI, technical informations
- Marcel MASSINI, FERRARI historian
- Renato MOSCATI, administrative research
- Jess G. POURRET (author), book FERRARI 275 GTB -275 GTS
- Christian PHILIPPSEN, informations U.S.A.
- Mario ACQUATI, photos
- Franco VARISLO, photos, relations with Piero BOTALLA
- Ben TYER (of, for his article on the 275 GTB Speciales
- Egidio BRANDOLI (restoration shop in Montale), ex- SCAGLIETTI employee
- Mr. GUERRA, employee of SCAGLIETTI at the time
- Mr. GIBELLINI, employee of SCAGLIETTI at the time
- Angelo AMADESI, confirmation of internal numbers at the sell of the BONHAMS
- Guillaume ASSO, Webdesign
- Loïs PIRON Webmaster


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