275 GTB "officina" 8249

At the end of the racing season 1963/1964 the 250 GTO end their carreers. Ferrari try to replace them with the 250 LM but because of the problems of homologation with the F.I.A., he decide to promote the 275 GTB with the construction of this prototype 08249 for Lorenzo BANDINI and which will be used for the construction of the twelve GTB/C in 1966.

It adopts a very thin aluminium body, a steel and aluminium structure super leight weight, it is equipped with a 250 LM motor type 213/comp. With ribbed block and 4 points of attachments and dry sump like the twelve 275 GTB/C of the 9000 series. (read : FERRARI 275 GTB by Jess G. POURRET).

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